Plug your self managed holiday rental into RezKey!!

plug-your-holiday-house “RezKey for Owner Managers” module to accommodate property owners who wish to manage a single or one or two properties.

RezKey offers professional functionality for you the owner manager and you get almost all of the regular Genkan functionality under this new package.

    • Channel distribution with a single calendar
    • Professional automated communication
    • Distribution to your website if required either by iframe, integrated site or mini site
    • The enquiry email
    • The ability to add and create booking extras unique to your property
    • The ability to add and create booking specials unique to your property
    • Property Accounts
    • Create your T&C’s
    • Automated surveys
    • Ability to add more properties if you want to grow
    • The Kaba code locking system
  • Above all the ability to grow your business professionally

RezKey Professional Self Management Powered by Genkan

Whether you manage an apartment,  cottage, house, room or villa, wheredoyouwannago is the best place to advertise a holiday home for free across the internet.

wheredoyouwannago is powered by genkan, the worlds most complete property management solution for professional property managers and owner managers

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